Giveaway ($4,000) + Something Strange + Free Hand

ReddyYeti x bolstr Travel Giveaway:

We teamed up with ReddyYeti and a host of other outdoor-inspired brands on a travel and adventure themed giveaway ($4,000 Prize).

All are quality small businesses offering a range of outdoor apparel, accessories, gear, and nutrients, and worth checking out. Follow them and be sure to sign up for the giveaway.

@craghoppers_us, @tarmadesigns, @rebo_cleanstheplanet, @chamonix_collection, @hybridlight, @WhatsYourRoutine, @_everest_com_, @velaapparel, @CowboyCharcoal, @enviromedica, @buffalowoolco, @montemlife, @tenkarausa, @reddyyeti

Click here for a change to win.

bolstr® Strange Tee

bolstr® Strange Tees - Launching 12/9

In the complex world we live in, simple is strange. 

These premium tees are made of 6oz SUPIMA® cotton and are available in colorways to match your bolstr. But they go great with anything and are sure to be a daily go-to when you cannot decide what to wear. 

  • SUPIMA® trademarked goods made with 100% U.S. Pima cotton. 
  • Special edition bolstr logo with “strange attractor” Lorenz butterfly.
  • Available in three colorways.
bolstr® Free Hand

bolstr Free Hand - Launching 12/9

A simple accessory that acts like a “free hand” to cleanly attach a bolstr MINI or keys to your AUX Pocket. Get creative with Free Hand and find other ways to expand, combine and carry with style.

  • Aluminum Tension and Clip hooks for fastening.
  • Military-grade nylon webbing.
  • Perfect length for AUX + MINI combo carry.

Check out what landed and get a free bolstr EDC with your purchase. Note that Slimmy wallets are almost sold out for the season, and we will not be getting a new shipment until next year.

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