Free Hand Clip Hook

$ 12.50

A simple accessory that acts like a “free hand” to cleanly attach bolstr MINI or keys to your AUX Pocket. Get creative with Free Hand Clip Hook and find other ways to expand, combine and carry with style.

Look for the extra loop on your AUX strap. Free Hand can also be clipped to any Small Carry d-ring.

  • Made from 1” (25mm) military-grade webbing
  • Aluminum tension and clip hook design
  • Adaptive carry for MINI, keys, and more 
  • Made in USA

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bolstr Free Hand Clip Hook
  • Combine withy AUX Pocket for extra capacity.
  • Separate credit cards and keys when not needed.
  • Stabilize with Niteize Carabiner.
  • Aluminum Tension and Clip hooks for fastening.
  • Military-grade nylon webbing.
  • Perfect length for AUX + MINI combo carry.

bolstr Free Hand Clip Hook

bolstr Free Hand Clip hook

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