bolstr Elements Pre-Order

One of the ways bolstr gets the word our about new products is crowdfunding. We deeply appreciate this model and all the loyal backers who make is happen. It allows us to test new ideas without the risky endeavor of loading up on inventory without demand.

Following crowdfunding campaigns we open up the opportunity for people who might have missed out to book orders in advance and save. All bolstr Pre-Orders will have the same priority as backers from respective campaigns. Importantly, anything that has made Pre-Order and Save is a go and schedule for manufacturing.

What's more is that you can make 4 interest free payments using AfterPay if you do not want to pay for everything upfront! 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Estimated Delivery: 

MINI 1.0 Stealth - Sep. 2021
MINI 1.0 Lunar Blue - Dec. 2021
MINI 1.0 Black Dyneema - Dec. 2021
MINI 1.0 Grey Matter - Dec. 2021

AUX 2.0 Stealth - Sep. 2021
AUX 2.0 Lunar Blue - Sep. 2021
AUX 2.0 Black Dyneema - Dec. 2021
AUX 2.0 Grey Matter - Nov. 2021

Small Carry 3.0 Stealth - Sep. 2021
Small Carry 3.0 Lunar Blue - Sep. 2021
Small Carry 3.0 Black Dyneema - Dec. 2021
Small Carry 3.0 Grey Matter - Dec. 2021

NOTE: Grey Matter and Lunar Blue are subject to change based on survey results from our recent Kickstarter. The colorways may not make the run as we did not reach our stretch goal. Should this be the case we will send you a Stealth!