bolstr Pre-Order and Save


bolstr has a great relationship with our manufacturer to do small batch runs. This allows us to offer more new and limited edition products.

Those who pre-order have the opportunity to save. What's more is that you can make 4 interest free payments using AfterPay if you do not want to pay for everything upfront! 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Estimated Delivery: 

MINI 1.0 Stealth - Jan. 2022
MINI 1.0 Lunar Blue - IN-STOCK
MINI 1.0 Black Dyneema - Jan. 2022 (In Production)
MINI 1.0 Grey Matter - Jan. 2020 (In Production)

AUX 2.0 Stealth - Jan. 2022
AUX 2.0 Lunar Blue - IN-STOCK
AUX 2.0 Black Dyneema - Jan. 2022 
(In Production)
AUX 2.0 Grey Matter - Jan. 2022 (In Production)

Small Carry 3.0 Stealth - IN-STOCK
Small Carry 3.0 Lunar Blue - IN-STOCK
Small Carry 3.0 Black Dyneema - Jan. 2022 (In Production)
Small Carry 3.0 Grey Matter - Jan. 2022  
(In Production)

Man Handle 2.0 - Jan. 2022 (In Production)

NOTE: In Production = in process of being cut and sewn. The pre-order delivery date was updated to Jan. 2022. We are doing out best to getting them out to you before then. Thank you!