Slimmy R3S1 Mini 3-Pocket Wallet (68mm)

$ 45

Slimmy R3S1 is slightly larger than a credit card keeping its form small, yet uncompromising in terms of function.

  • Minimal, slim ID wallet design.
  • Open 3-pocket design. More in-wallet organization.
  • Clean cut edge with proprietary rubberized dye treatment. Seam-like appearance.
  • Compact size (68mm) with rounded corners. Comfortable front pocket carry.
  • Made from heavy USA steer hide.
  • TIP: Load bills with the folded side up for tidiness
  • Fold cash in half for more cash carry. NOTE: Bills will stick up slightly.
  • RFIDprotection and access in one
  • Manufactured by a 4th generation leather specialty company.
  • 3.875" (98.43 mm) x 2.69" (68mm) x .30" (7.62mm)

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