Slimmy R3S2 International 3-Pocket Wallet (83mm)

$ 55
Updated Design: Slimmy R3S2 (80mm) features rounded corners with an encapsulated edge that fully envelopes the lining. Crafted from premium lamb skin for a softer, ultra-thin carry.
  1. Open 3-pocket design. Made for larger currencies like the Euro and Japanese Yen.
  2. Rounded corners and encapsulated edge for maximum compactness.
  3. Made for US or International currency folded in thirds. Place cash on the Slimmy logo side, most used money cards in the middle, and your ID and less used cards on the side without the logo.
  4. Time tested 3-pocket configuration for a more in-wallet organization. 
  5. RFID protection/access in one (click compare for more).
  6. Made from premium lamb skin. Soft hand, thin carry.
Dimensions / Capacity:
  1. Dimensions: 4.125" (105 mm) x 3.26" (83mm) x .30" (7.62mm)
  2. Max Capacity:10 Money Cards/ID, 15 Bills, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards

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