Slimmy OG WW V International 3-Pocket Wallet (79mm)

$ 45


View wwSlimmy is the same minimal open three pocket design as the Slimmy ViewÊwith .24" (6mm) extra height to accommodate international banknotes. Unlike most international wallets, this thin wallet alternative is compact enough to fit in your front pocket for security and fast access. The handy ID slot holds up to two cards and is isolated from the other contents in your Slimmy, making it dead simple to access without any fuss. Although View wwSlimmy is designed for larger bank notes, minimal US currency EDC enthusiasts are sure to appreciated the extra room without bulk, especially for temporarily storing receipts on-the-go. A slim, front pocket EDC companion for your worldly travels - View wwSlimmy.

  • Unstitched, open three-pocket design.
  • Fast access to international bank notes and credit cards.
  • Side slot with a window for fast access to your ID or other cards.
  • RFID protection and access in one.
  • Holds 15 Bills, 8 Plastic Cards, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards.*
  • Perfect for US dollar and with room to accommodate larger size bank notes.
  • Made from premium full grain USA steer hide.
  • NOTE: 100, 200 and 500 Euro bills will not fit perfectly. Other Euro banknotes okay.
  • Patented: D 527,899
  • Dimensions: 4.125" (105mm) x 3.125 (79) x 0.312 (8)

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