Slimmy R2S1 International 2-Pocket Wallet (68mm) - Black

$ 50


Taking away one extra layer of leather makes the Slimmy R2S1 slimmer and adding a slot keeps this slim wallet within the 3-pocket wallet theory that is the basis of our Rule of 7. Slimmy R2S1 (68mm) provides optimum in-wallet organization in a delightfully compact form. Middle ground without compromise...

  • Featuring a 2-pocket / 1-slot Open Design. Made for minimalists looking for the perfect balance between compact form and optimum in-wallet organization.
  • Clean cut edge and rounded corners with proprietary rubberized dye treatment. No folded leather. Maximum compactness with room to spare.
  • Made for US or International currency folded in thirds. Place cash on the Slimmy logo side, most used cards in the non-logo pocket with slot. ID and less used cards go in side slot.
  • Side slot perfectly sized for IDs. Slots cinch and hold cards securely, while allowing ease of access. RFID protection and/or access.
  • Made from premium USA steer-hide by a 4th generation leather goods company, alongside the most coveted and well-known brands in the world. Quality without hype.

Slimmy R2S1 holds more than you think…

  • Dimensions: 3.875" (98mm) x 2.69" (68mm) x .190" (5mm)
  • Max Capacity: 8 Money Cards/ID, 15 Bills, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards
  • Open Design provides a visual (irritation) so you know to purge unneeded contents.
  • Need a little more room for receipts or larger bank notes? Click here to learn more.

Click here for a more in depth look.

Looking for a little more room: Slimmy R2S2 (68 mm) also available: 4.125" (105 mm) x 3.125" (79mm) x .190" (5mm)

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