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Article: Walk the Walk - Measuring the Competition

Walk the Walk - Measuring the Competition

Walk the Walk - Measuring the Competition

Are all slim wallets really slim?

The short answer is no. In fact, well over half the wallets that are marketed as ‘slim’ are anything but.

Let us clarify the definition of a ‘slim leather wallet’, which forms the fundamental basis of our design process.


Definition #1: We are talking about leather wallets.

There are a lot of super thin Tyvek and elastic wallets. Indeed they are slim, and in the case of Tyvek even durable. The fact is, however, they ain’t classy. Tyvek is for mail packages and construction material, while elastic does make absolute sense for your underwear.


Definition #2: Folding leather wallets cannot be considered slim as stacked leather adds bulk.

What is most unusual about folded leathers is something we call “mystery thick”.

“Mystery thick”:

an all too common reality warp, when a wallet somehow gets thicker than itself and its contents. This phenomenon truly happens, and we have the measured proof.


Take a look. In this example, the wallet (11mm thick) was loaded with the 7mm of plastic cards/currency. 10 cards (7mm)  So logically, it should measure 18mm thick loaded.

11mm + 7mm = 18mm

On the contrary, the 'Mystery Thick Wallet #1' added 3mm (.12”) of thickness! Things just don’t add up. In the case of this trifold wallet here’s how the math looks:

11mm + 7mm = 21mm. (tf!?)


Position #3: Any wallet, with enough room, will get crammed full to its maximum capacity.

Actually there is a law for this that we highlight in the Slim Wallet Manifesto:

Parkinson’s Universal Law: "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Your wallet operates under Parkinson’s Law: give it an inch and it will take a mile.

Folded wallets, of any kind, simply cannot be trusted to be 'slim'!


The wallets we design are the slimmest leather wallets on the planet. We do not offer any other wallet except a thin one. Here are our design principles:

  • FORM: Slim (thin, compact, flat, minimal).
  • FIT: In your front pocket. Limited excess capacity; cannot be overstuffed.
  • FUNCTION: Easy access and organization.

The result is a slim wallet from start to finish. A slim wallet that simply adds up, with no mystery. Let’s examine:  


Here is one of our Slimmy wallets (X1S2) stuffed with the same 10 cards as the trifold pictured above. Total Thickness = wallet thickness + content thickness. Simple math. No need for marketing gimmicks or tricks.

When the Slimmy’s side slots are loaded they create a cinching effect, pulling the wallet together, avoiding the ‘mystery thickness’.

Our design maintains its slimness, even when stuffed.

In the following comparison, we stuffed all wallets with 10 credit cards and measured their thickness. The 10 cards measured 10 mm’s.

If a wallet is 11 mm’s thick, and you add 10 mm’s of EDC into it, mathematic logic should prevail and the total thickness of the wallet should measure 21 mm’s.

As you can see our competitor's expanded beyond their initial slimness - literally becoming thicker with more items. How is this possible in reality? What is this unfathomable expansion out of nothingness?


The Slimmy sticks to sensible physics in reality, and maintains its slimness, with a design that intentionally allows for easier card access without “mystery thickness.” Obsession with 'slim wallet design' naturally manifested open and easy access. This proves to be a true advantage of owning a Slimmy.

The patented design of the Slimmy X1S2 wallet allows for easy access while maintaining its claim as 'slimmest leather wallet on the planet’.

It’s a win-win. And the last win, which is the best, is when you carry one in your front pocket.

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