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bolstr Ethos


Culture: Create meaning beyond product (creativity).
Creativity: Always consider the absurd.
Innovation: Be willing to reinvent and stay relevant daily.
Integrity: Do the right thing. Be our word.
People: Respect for all. 
Results: Focus on inputs; not outputs.
Success: Results through people and teams doing their best.


Make everyday a little easier with style and utility. 


To be the small bag and minimalist accessory of choice by our community. 


Creativity drives business. 


The bolstr® story is just beginning, and while we are a maker of things, our goal is to break from convention and find better ways of “doing things” (i.e. business) with effectiveness and efficiency. This starts by working with the right people; finding those that think differently and are fastidious, open-minded and responsible. We all learn, get better, and grow from one another.