Extra, more and less.


A minimal pocket carry for a variety of things and situations.

Cargo: Extra discreet and discrete.
Gang: Temporary more.
Solo: Less is more.


Videography: Monti Yoo
Video Editing: Thomas Folkerts

Tote like a pro.

Blurring the lines between form and function.

The world of bags just got a little more universal. Behold the bolstr Universal Strap.

Simple and Adaptable

bolstr® AUX Minimalist Sling

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“Strange Carry”

Stuff your trick-or-treat bag, but not your pockets.

Happy Halloween!

Shift your carry. - bolstr®

Slimmy R1SO: Defiance and Deference

We took to the streets of LA for a Slimmy® style shoot with our friend Tyler Lofton, who showed us the mark of defiance and deference to style. The kind of wallet you carry says a lot about you.

Link to Editorial | SHOP R1SO

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