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bolstr® - Minimalist Everyday Carry


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Launching 12/8 at 9:AM EDT


Launching 12/8 @ 9AM EDT


We are excited to work with Cleveland artist, Larry A. Lesley, on our fourth Black Canvas collaboration. We admire Lesley’s raw use of kraft paper, skillfully transforming it into a unique and unstructured digital form. For the limited edition Slimmy®, Lesley skillfully employs his signature technique to create an iconic spy caricature, based on the story of a lesser-known WWII double-agent who played a major role in duping Hitler. He reveals the humanity behind the spy persona’s facade and ego.

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Small Carry Minimalist Crossbody Bag

Filling the void.

bolstr Core Minimalist featuring MINI small EDC bag.

Knows how to keep it tight. Which bolstr is best for you?


bolstr Versatility featuring AUX Pocket small crossbody bag. Minimalist EDC.

Knows when to say when. Which bolstr is best for you?


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bolstr Pro Minimalist featuring Small Carry crossbody shoulder bag. Minimalist EDC.

Knows the ropes of traveling light. Which bolstr is best for you?


We are happy you found us.

Looking for a perfectly sized bag for everyday essentials or slim minimalist wallet?

Shop our collections and Shift Your Carry.

Slimmy T1SO Minimalist Cordura Wallet

On Clouds.

MINI for Hot Pockets

EDC Shade

Slimmy OG 3-Pocket Minimalist Wallet - Black/Red

Slimmy OG 3-Pocket Wallet - BRED


Customer love.

"I just wanted to give a quick testimonial. I originally purchased a Slimmy 3 pocket view. Like your website said, it was a decision to move to a slim wallet before slim wallets became the norm. I have loved this wallet. After nearly 12 years, it has started to show some wear. I'm finally at a point where I'm looking to buy another wallet and I'm happy to see that you still make this fantastic design. I have loved the simplicity of this wallet and am excited to buy a replacement. Please keep up the great work!"

Adrian S.

What is bolstr?

We make perfectly sized and minimal bags, wallets and complimentary accessories.


We cut to the essence of everyday carry filling a void between convention and simple without compromise.

Men deserve better carry options with style and utility.

Made to last

Future-classic designs available in range of durable materials from carbon neutral X-Pac and ballistic nylon, to full-grain premium leather.

Made in USA

And by a 5th generation leather maker in the Dominican Republic.


Packaging represents close to 25% of all waste. We do our part to minimize our impact on the planet and look forward to doing more (with less).

bolstr Story

Living with "essential things" that do not meet my needs drove me crazy. I felt there was a better way to design bags and wallets to manage what I carry, and turns out I am not the only one.

Jay Yoo - bolstr Founder



Finding a minimal bag and wallet I liked was impossible. So I designed what I wanted.

Power of Crowds

We tested our ideas on Kickstarter. A lot of people feel the same way and helped improve on our products.

Blog posts

Black Canvas: Larry A. Lesley x Slimmy® GARBO Collaboration

Black Canvas: Larry A. Lesley x Slimmy® GARBO Collaboration

Celebrating the spy in all of us, Slimmy GARBO is a tribute to the late Juan Pujol Garcia (AKA Agent Garbo), who worked as a double agent for MI5 in Britain during WWII. In a grand scheme of maste...

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Pinch Me Slim: R1S1 Ultra Minimal Wallet

Pinch Me Slim: R1S1 Ultra Minimal Wallet

Slimmy R1S1 stands as the epitome of minimalism in the realm of slim leather wallets. At an impressively thin 4mm, it effortlessly discards superfluous layers of leather that often contribute to un...

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Filling the Void Between a Laptop Bag and a Holster

Filling the Void Between a Laptop Bag and a Holster

Our original vision for a minimalist EDC bag line, which still holds true today, was to create a bag that fills the void between a laptop bag and a holster. Although Small Carry has undergone seve...

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