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bolstr Press

bolstr® Wins Prestigious IDA Design Award for Fashion (Yahoo Finance, 01/23/2022)

Local Designer Jay Yoo Is Reinventing the Man Bag (Cleveland Magazine, 01/21/2022)

Overstuffed Pockets Are A Problem. Say Hello To Bolstr Elements – Crossbody Alternatives For Your Everyday Carry (Yanko Design, 08/23/2021)

The best crowdfunding campaigns to check out in August 2021: bolstr Elements (KnowTechie, 08/17/2021)

Need more pockets? (Aspiring Gentlemen 08/05/2021)

bolstr Elements Launched Three New High Quality Men's Bags (TrendHunter 08/03/2021) 

Good Fashion Starts With Function w/ Jay Yoo (Pier Five 06/19/2021)

bolstr Small Carry 3.0 and Aux Pocket Review – EDC bags for minimalists. (Gadgeteer 06/12/2021)

Bolstr Bag Review by Pascal Forget 09/02/2015

bollstr Small Carry Bag Review (LoadedPocketz 01/27/2015)

Versatile Crossbody Bags (TrendHunter, 08/27/14)

bolstr EDC Bag (Everyday Carry, 08/20/2014)

The bolstr Bag Is A Gadget Toter’s Best Friend (TechCrunch, 08/15/14)

CLE Innovations: bolstr – The Perfect Crossbody Bag for Fellas (Cool Cleveland, 08/15/14)

スマホや鍵などゴチャッとしがちな必需品をすっきりコンパクトに収納する防水バッグ「bolstr」(Gigazine, 08/14/14)

Cleveland entrepreneur's modern everyday bag for men is a hit on Kickstarter (, 08/07/14)

SLIMMY Wallet Original with RFID Shielding Review (Gadget Review, 04/12/14)

Recommendation Engine: Stash Your Stuff in Clever Hidden Pockets (Wired, 09/6/12) 

Like A Girdle For Your Credit Cards (New York Times, 05/12/05)