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The OG Slim Wallet

In 2003, we introduced Slimmy®, a wallet designed to stand out in a world of bulky leather accessories. At the time, most wallets were thick and cumbersome, but Slimmy® redefined what a wallet could be with a minimalist approach to design.

Slimmy®: OG Slim Minimilest Leather Wallet - Design Ethos

Design Ethos

BA7ANCE™ is our design ethos. Eliminating unnecessary material is at the core of our approach. The more layers you add to a wallet, the bulkier it gets. Subtracting is an undervalued practice that we embrace. Adding is the natural instinct but actually leads to more constraints. This idea extends beyond our wallets to a broader philosophy: declutter layers of stuff in your life, gain peace of mind. BA7ANCE™ is priceless. At bolstr, we design with BA7ANCE™ to help you carry what you need and free yourself from the rest.

Slimmy®: OG Slim Minimilest Leather Wallet - Less is More

Less is More

Slimmy® is more than just a wallet; it’s a statement that encourages you to prioritize the essentials and purge what you don’t need. In a world filled with unnecessary clutter, Slimmy® helps you declutter and simplify, carrying only what’s essential without compromising utility. Getting to less frees you up for more—travel, outdoors, art, mastery, and love. Embracing this approach brings peace of mind and allows you to focus on what truly matters.

Slimmy®: OG Slim Minimilest Leather Wallet - Wisdom of Simplicity

Wisdom of Simplicity

We think so. What you buy and keep is a reflection of who you are. Buy good design and reap the benefits. Slimmy® is an object with spirit. When you need clarity, grab it and harness the wisdom of simplicity. It’s like your personal guru, minus the meditation mat. A little tongue-in-cheek, but we’re serious: Slimmy® is your companion on the journey to a simpler, more intentional life.

Slimmy®: OG Slim Minimilest Leather Wallet - Join In

Join In.

At bolstr, we create future classics designed with intention around what we love and need. Our products are crafted to be functional, durable, and timeless. We believe there’s a small universe of people who resonate with our approach through BA7ANCE™. We have a lot more we want to do, and the more like-minded people we have on board who vibe with what we are doing, the more we can offer down the road. Thank you.



Fat wallets start with layers upon layers of leather that make them thick before putting anything into the, Slimmy® wallets start slim and end slim. Beware of makers that do not list a thickness (thinness) measurement.

George Costanza Fat Oversized Wallet