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The idea for bolstr® arose from a need for a minimal, everyday carry bag that didn't look like a fanny pack or man purse. Since I couldn't find anything I liked on the market, I turned to crowdfunding to bring my idea to life.

Through crowdfunding, we could test the product idea, get feedback, build a community of supporters, and raise enough funds to manufacture and distribute our product. Our first campaign launched in June 2014 with a funding goal of $10,000. We offered early backers the chance to pre-order at a discounted price, and the campaign exceeded our goal by 1,777%, raising over $177,000.

Here are links to all of your campaigns:

bolstr - he Ultimate EDC Bag. Minimal and Perfectly Sized.
Slimmy Wallet: Front Pocket EDC Reinvented. Slim, 2-Way RFID.
bolstr 2.0: The Ultimate EDC Bag. Minimal. Perfectly Sized.
bolstr® AUX Pocket: The Ultimate Crossbody Alternative.  
bolstr Elements - Minimalist everyday carry bags.
bolstr® AUX Sling: Minimal and perfectly sized. 3 bags in 1. 

Crowdfunding helped create buzz and establish our brand identity, with over 2,350 backers supporting our product. We have continued to expand and improve our product line through crowdfunding, with five successful campaigns (sixth in progress) raising $300K in funding. Our loyal backers have been vital to our success, and we sincerely appreciate their continued support. Notably they proved we overcame the man purse stigma.

Crowdfunding will remain a crucial part of our growth strategy, and we are excited to offer exclusive opportunities to our backer community.

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