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The bolstr® Story

bolstr Matra - Clean your carry. Clear your Mind

bolstr is more than a product company; we promote the "less is more" approach to life. Making a bag to carry more is something we could do, but what do men really need on their person every day? And if they had their essentials in one place all the time, would they lose them?

Life is complex, and the last thing people need to worry about is how to carry daily essentials. It sounds like a small thing until you cannot find your keys, sunglasses, wallet or smartphone and need to get going.

bolstr - Shift your carry.

bolstr started out of necessity.

bolstr started of necessity.I could not find a suitable everyday carry bag, so I designed one to meet my needs.

Man purse, fanny and sling packs are meh.

Like most guys, I did not want a bag that looked like a man purse, fanny or sling pack. They all lack the modern yet timeless style I wanted, and none seemed the right size for an everyday carry man bag.

bolstr = Laptop Bag / Holster


What kind of bag did I want? Something that rides like a holster and is smaller than a laptop bag to carry sunglasses, a smartphone, notebook, wallet, keys, pen but not much more. A perfectly sized and minimal EDC bag.

Barcelona Chair and bolstr share the same DNA

The key to the design was coming up with something that did not have logos plastered all over it but rather uniquely identifiable by its shape (i.e. the Barcelona Chair). Asymmetry achieves this.  

bolstr seeks the performance of tactical gear but with style.

Lastly, I wanted a man bag to stand the test of travel and time. While tactical bags lack aesthetic, they are built to perform. Incorporating military-grade materials for something made for every day made sense.

bolstr Launched on Kickstarter in 2014

From this bolstr was born - A bag fitting between a laptop bag and a holster. bolstr launched as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter in 2014 as a perfectly sized and minimal small carry EDC bag for men

Clean your carry for goodness sake.

Since then, the problem of men overstuffing their pockets has only gotten worse. You do not have to look very far to find a guy with pockets filled to the brim with a smartphone, keys, wallets, and other everyday essentials. It looks ridiculous. Why do men put up with it? We think it's because they do not have good bag options. 

bolstr AUX Pocket - Award Winning Design

bolstr designs utilitarian ways to carry for daily essentials. There are enough bags on the market for everything else, so we only focus on minimalist small carry. bolstr's design approach overcomes the man purse stigma. We make everyday carry bags and accessories that transcend on-trend and are aiming for future classics.

bolstr AUX Pocket wins IDA International Design Award

People are taking notice - bolstr AUX Pocket won the 2021 IDA International Design Award for Fashion.

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