New slimmy Core Red: American Beauty

New slimmy Core Red: American Beauty

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to do something a little special with our slimmy wallet collection by offering a bright new colorway — Core Red. While we are minimalists at heart, we also heart fashion. Color is key and red is a perfect accent to embolden just about any daily ensemble, any time of the year.

For the launch of the Core Red colorway, we attempted to recreate the iconic American Beauty movie poster....

Official Business: Koyono is now bolstr.

Today Bolstr LTD is pleased to announce the full transition of Koyono asset to the company. Moving forward, will officially redirect to and Koyono will be permanently rebranded as bolstr®. The rebranding includes but is not limited to:

  1. Trademarks
  2. Patents
  3. internet Domains
  4. Social Network (Instagram, Facebook Twitter, etc.)

I thank all who supported Koyono through the years a look forward to what is in store for the future (we have some exciting things in the works).

For question, please make an inquiry at this link.


Jay Yoo

Founder and President, Bolstr LTD 


Master of Ma: Frank Lloyd Wright

Master of Ma: Frank Lloyd Wright

We had the opportunity to shoot at the Louis Penfield House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Willoughby, OH. The house is a destination for Wright enthusiasts from around the world and is somewhat famous for being half complete. While the main house is finished, adjacent to it was to be built a guest home that would be the last Wright designed before his death in 1959. The second home has yet to be built but the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic approach to architecture permeates the existing structure and the land upon which it occupies.



There are several nuanced variations of the Slimmy wallet.


The Original Slimmy debuted in 2003. As the original slim leather wallet designed and sold to be front pocket worthy, we knew it would be successful. Several reasons inspired the ‘front pocket worthy’ design including comfort, ease of access, and slimness. In the initial months of its release our ‘less is more' message resonated, and many readily pared down their wallet carry; they were coming to the truth about bifolds and tri-folds, that they are not designed for front...

A Key Tool

A Key Tool

One of the main barriers to minimizing wallet carry is getting people to ditch loyalty cards. People hang onto these cards because it provides 5% savings on pharmaceuticals at the local drugstore, or a nickel of gasoline for every $10 spent. While it’s true that these savings and benefits add up over time, the effort to carry them all sometimes doesn’t seem worth it. However, with the proper tool, it’s a problem easily solved.

Key Ring

is a fantastic tool that allows removal...