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bolstr's Design Philosophy: BA7ANCE™

BA7ANCE: Bolstr Design Philosophy

Bolstr combines minimalism, functionality, and asymmetrical geometries into useful everyday objects with BA7ANCE™. Our bags and accessories fit "in-between" other carry options that are either too simple or overly complicated for the modern man. We use military grade materials for style, performance and utility.

bolstr AUX PocketComing up with perfectly sized bags and accessories that make style and utility sense is no easy task. The considerations are endless and must be considered fully; getting to the essence of a product with good form and functionality is a painstaking discipline we love. In the end our products have lifestyle crossover, from travel, adventure and work to active, musing and everyday.

bolstr AUX Pocket

BA7ANCE is bolstr's Pocket Research philosophy backed by half a century of cognitive research reminding us that "chunks" longer than seven inevitably become significantly harder to remember and process simultaneously. Therefore, we do not design bags and accessories with more than seven pockets.