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We aim to redefine how men carry their daily essentials with iconic, future-classic designs based on sound design philosophies.

The Void

bolstr blends minimalism with functionality and asymmetrical geometries to craft everyday products infused with BA7ANCE™. Our bags and wallets fill the gap between overly simplistic and needlessly complex options, tailored for the contemporary man. We employ a range of materials, from military-grade to premium leather and eco-friendly fabrics, seamlessly marrying style and utility.


Our Craft

Crafting bags and accessories that strike the perfect balance between style and utility is a meticulous endeavor. The considerations are boundless and require thorough contemplation. Distilling a product to its core with both form and function intact is a laborious discipline we cherish. Ultimately, our products seamlessly adapt to various lifestyles, whether for travel, adventure, work, or daily life.



BA7ANCE embodies bolstr's Pocket Research philosophy, which is backed by decades of cognitive research. It serves as a constant reminder that "chunks" exceeding seven elements inevitably pose significant challenges for memory and simultaneous processing. Hence, we adhere to the principle of not designing bags and accessories with more than seven pockets.


Design theory.

Allow us to introduce the core principles of our design philosophy:

"Less is More"

bolstr, we champion Minimal Design Theory, believing that simplicity drives true elegance. Through meticulous curation of every element, we create spaces that encourage mindful evaluation of one's possessions. This process naturally leads to decluttering and a focus on the essentials.

Asymmetry and Identity

In our Minimal Design Theory, asymmetry plays a central role as a symbol of our brand identity. We depart from conventional practices of large logos, choosing instead to embrace asymmetrical forms. These forms echo the uniqueness of each individual, celebrating individuality and character over conspicuous branding.

Beauty in the Essential

Inspired by the notion that simplicity embodies beauty, we apply this philosophy to our product design. We believe that simplicity captures the true essence of objects, enabling them to transcend trends and stand as timeless exemplars of design.

The Unseen Spirit

At bolstr, Minimal Design recognizes the significance of the "spirit of things" – the intangible yet vital essence that goes beyond mere ornamentation. By avoiding excessive embellishments, we focus on what truly matters, creating designs that possess inherent value beyond aesthetics

Cognitive Limits and Design

Our philosophy extends to functionality, guided by cognitive limits. bolstr employs no more than seven pockets – a nod to the magic of the number seven and human cognition. This thoughtful approach maximizes usability and ensures a user-friendly experience.

Parkinson's Law

Similar to the time-management adage, Parkinson's Law applies to design. Our Minimal Design Theory embraces this concept, emphasizing efficiency and streamlining to avoid unnecessary complexity and ensure that every element serves a purpose.

Simplicity: Ultimate Sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci's timeless wisdom finds a home in our Minimal Design Theory. Simplicity, often touted as the ultimate sophistication, is the cornerstone of bolstr's approach. We distill designs to their core, creating products that exude sophistication through their innate simplicity.

Future Classics: A Timeless Legacy

bolstr envisions 'Future Classics' that transcend trends. Rooted in Minimal Design, these creations possess timeless appeal, becoming iconic symbols of refined taste.

Utility & Functionality: A Harmonious Duality

Minimal Design ensures that utility and functionality coexist seamlessly. While functionality addresses the practical aspect, utility delves deeper into the purpose-driven intention behind each design. bolstr's approach harmonizes these two facets to create products that truly enrich lives.

Sublime Hierarchy. Subtle Significance.

Visual hierarchy is paramount in Minimal Design, directing attention and creating order. bolstr takes this principle to heart, crafting designs that strike a balance between elements. Subtle details wield a profound impact, underscoring the notion that even the smallest touch can resonate deeply.


bolstr's Minimal Design Theory is a philosophy that emphasizes the beauty of simplicity, intention, and purpose. It defines not only the aesthetic but also the ethos behind bolstr's creations, fostering a connection that transcends the visual into the realms of meaning and experience.