bolstr Small Carry 3.0 EDC Bag - Stealth

$ 135

Our most popular colorway, all black Stealth bolstr Small Carry is the perfect minimal EDC companion that meets you where you are without drawing attention.

  • Designed with BA7ANCE™
  • Pocket Research
  • Minimal EDC

Carry what you need: Five (5) pockets and d-rings for smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, sunglasses, Air Pods, external battery, charging cables, tablet, but not much more.

Dimensions (Max): L 9" (229mm) x W 3 (76mm) x H 9" (229mm)

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Smaller than a laptop bag, Larger than a holster.

bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Specs

A breakthrough in bag design for men. Perfectly sized and minimal, bolstr Small Carry provides a better option for managing essential everyday items but not much more. Carefully considered, bolstr Small Carry signature pocketing is intuitive and disciplined.


Bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Details

Bolstr Small Carry is designed similar to a holster, so there are two orientations available depending on which hand you prefer to access the bag. The right-sided bolstr Small Carry crosses over the left shoulder, and the bag rests on the right side (see the picture below). The opposite is true for the left-handed bag.

NOTE: If you are unsure of what side you prefer, just throw on a messenger bag and then notice what side of the body it is on. It will be natural to you.

Bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Lefty Righty Details

bolstr Small Carry 3.0 In Bag Organization

Combine it with MINI and AUX for in-bag organization and fast access to key items.


bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Materials

bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Materials


bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Details

bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Details

Minimal asymmetrical design
Stealth smartphone pocket
Quickdraw sunglass pocket
Fidlock magnetic fast access pocket
Sized to fit an 8” tablet
Dedicated AirPod/Money pocket
Ergonomic shoulder pad (sold separately)
External and internal d-rings for key carry
Military grade hardware and materials
1680D Ballistic nylon (Black) and Cordura (Colors)
Small hit of 3M reflective tape
Made in USA


Bolstr Small Carry 3.0 Details Specs



A Minimal Carry Obsession:
Smartphones, keys and wallets are the bare essentials on our person everyday, if not all day. But we might also have to carry sunglasses, Airpods, charging cables/block, an external battery, notepad, pens or pocket knife, etc. Eventually our everyday carry ends up being an in-hand burden, in overstuffed pockets or buried somewhere in a bag.
Bolstr xyz is Minimal EDC. Pocket Research.
bolstr is obsessed with carry options that are perfectly sized and minimal. Utilitarianism via the use of the bags and accessories we design is more than a high ideal; we believe it should be an everyday experience. It is not enough to make a bag that just looks good, or one that simply has a lot of functionality. Whatever we design has to make both style and utility sense.

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