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Small Carry - White Dyneema

A perfectly sized manbag impossible to live without.
Sale price$ 205.00 USD

X-DYM is a special edition bolstr Small Carry made in collaboration with Xhibition. Incorporating the popular "Cuben Fiber" (AKA Dyneema) this mini satchel bag alternative is for fashion as much as it is utility. The fiber is stronger than steel to boot.

  • White Cordura
  • Developed for high performance
  • Ultra light and abrasion resistant
  • 20% lighter than Ballistic nylon
  • 15 x stronger than steel
  • Resistance to moisture and UV
  • Minimalist Everyday Carry
  • Made in USA

Carry what you need: Five (5) pockets and d-rings for smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, sunglasses, Air Pods, external battery, charging cables, tablet, but not much more.

Dimensions (Max): L 9" (229mm) x W 3 (76mm) x H 9" (229mm)

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Small Carry - White Dyneema Bag bolstr
Small Carry - White Dyneema Sale price$ 205.00 USD