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Slimmy OG V 3-Pocket Minimalist ID Wallet Details

Slimmy Original V (76mm) ID Minimalist Wallet

Slimmy OG V (View) launched in 2004 shortly after the Slimmy OG’s gained traction. Keeping true to our slim wallet only mission, OG V offers fast access to your ID without having to take it out of your wallet in the same 3-pocket open design as Slimmy Original.

Slimmy OG V is a straight forward minimalist wallet made for fast access and comfortable front pocket carry. A trusted classic. 

Slimmy Original V (76mm) Minimalist ID Wallet


  • Open 3-pocket design
  • Fold US bank notes in half
  • Fold International bank notes in thirds
  • Full-grain US steer hide 
  • Skived finish on seams
  • RFID Protection on the Slimmy® logo side
  • Made in Dominican Republic

SPECSSlimmy Original V (76mm) Minimalist ID Wallet

Slimmy Original V (76mm) Minimalist ID Wallet