Slimmy R1SO Minimalist Wallet Details 1

Slimmy R1SO is based on our OG 3-Pocket wallet size but redesigned for maximum slimness - 4mm. This minimalist wallet eliminates excess layers using side slots for compartmentalization. Small footprint, perfect capacity.

R1SO’s 1-Pocket, 2-Slot patented design features a folded edge for durability and rounded corners for a sleek profile. A straight forward, premium minimalist leather wallet built to last. 


  • 1-Pocket, 2-Slot Design
  • Rounded corners
  • Fold US bank notes in half
  • Fold International bank notes in thirds
  • RFID Protection and access
  • Made in Dominican Republic
  • Patented: D 702,938


Slimmy R1SO Minimalist Wallet Materials


Slimmy R1SO Minimalist Wallet Details 2

Slimmy R1SO Oil Tan Leather Minimalist Wallet


Slimmy R1SO Minimalist Wallet Specs