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Article: Partnering with Gear Journal

Partnering with Gear Journal

CLEVELAND, OH - November 21, 2009 Koyono Co., a leading purveyor of apparel and accessories that unify technology and fashion, announces the official launch of This new e-commerce website is solely dedicated to the company's top-selling Slimmy® front pocket wallet that has become popular among both gadget enthusiasts and "life hackers," who strive to do more with less. The Slimmy continues to receive praise from customers and blogs for its design approach that forces people to carry only what they need without compromising style and security. In a recent blog post by the Gear Journal, it was referred to as "the wallet that changed the world." "We continue to be surprised by people's slim wallet fetish and fervor to bare things down to their simplest form. With the proliferation of mobile devices, there is little room left to carry other essentials like keys and a wallet," says Jay Yoo, the President and Founder of Koyono. For some time now, men have been moving wallets from their back pocket to their front pocket for security. Additionally, carrying wallets in one's back pocket has been known to cause the back ailment sciatica. 

The American Chiropractors Association recommends that people carry their wallet in their front pocket to prevent the onset of this debilitating condition. Slimmy is a sleek wallet alternative to traditional billfolds and trifolds that provides people with a safe and comfortable way to carry credit cards, cash and IDs in their front pocket. "Carrying a George Costanza wallet in your back pocket is not only bad for your health, it's just bad taste," comments Jay Yoo. 

To kick off the official launch of, Koyono Co. is partnering with The Gear Journal on an "86 the Butt Brick" contest that will select 10 people to convert from their George Costanza-size wallets. Contestants will be judged based on pictures they provide of their huge, bulky wallets. Gear Journal is cross promoting the contest on their other networks and the 10 winners will receive a free Slimmy and front pocket pen. The 1st place winner will also receive a 32GB iPod Touch and the two runners-up will receive the new 8GB iPod nano. 

Ryan Cochran from Gear Journal adds, "We welcome the opportunity to work with Koyono on the official launch of We are big fans of the Slimmy wallet and are all for making more room in men's front pockets for their beloved gadgets." 

About Gear JournalThe Gear Journal is part of the Atomic Industry network of highly targeted sites supporting the man's man through blogs and community forums. Each site focuses on a specific market vertical and the passionate people within them. The Atomic Industry Network has a reputation for industry leading editorial and content evidenced by over 30 million page views being served per month throughout their online communities. For more information, visit: and

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