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Article: BlackCoat Revolution Takes Over New York City

BlackCoat Revolution Takes Over New York City

CLEVELAND, OH - November 12, 2004 – Koyono Co. announces the public release of new versions of the popular BlackCoat-T gadget t-shirt, featuring 2 specially designed security pockets sealed by new matching color zippers.

This patent pending T-shirt contains two (2) specially designed compartments that are designed to safely and discretely transport cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players like the iPod. A single passageway interconnects the two compartments. A zipper opening is strategically positioned in the center of the passageway and directly below the buttons of a dress shirt, allowing easy storage and removal. The shirt is also a designer garment that can be donned alone in casual or active situations. The shirt retails for $39 or $125 for a pack of 5.

KOYONO developed the new color combinations in response to opinions expressed on a number of blogs for, or by, the tech savvy. “We read the comments about our products that show up on blogs. An overwhelming number of comments suggested that people would like to wear the T without a dress shirt but that the original red zipper wasn’t their style.”

KOYONO is a purveyor of apparel and accessories with industrial elegance for geniuses, artists and innovators (G.A.I.). KOYONO markets products through retail stores in Europe, Japan, and across the United States and through on-line stores at and KOYONO was founded in 2001 and has offices in Cleveland, OH and Durham, NC as well as operations in Pennsylvania, Washington State and Michigan.

For more information on BlackCoat-T visit: BlackCoat

*The BlackCoat incorporates a proprietary design that is the basis of a patent application filed with the United States Trademark Office. Any attempt to copy design aspects covered in the patent application, without our express written consent, may be considered an act of infringement and subject to the remedies provided in Title 35 of the United States Code.

iPod™ is a registered trade mark of Apple Computer and the coolest product ever. We are not worthy...

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