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Article: Amazon wwSlimmy Review

Amazon wwSlimmy Review

Why did I hesitate? This wallet is GREAT!

Below is part of a great review on the wwSlimmy by Charles N. We are up to some exciting stuff with the Slimmy line and look forward to sharing more. For now, I think Charles sums up why the wwSlimmy is an all around great wallet, and why we will be focusing more on this size of slim wallet for all markets. Without further ado:

I researched all the “Slim” and “Ultraslim” before deciding this was the best out there. I hesitated at first - because of the price - but once I had the “Slimmy” in my hand I knew it was worth the price. The leather is that nice - and I believe it will even get softer (and slimmer!) over time…

One recommendation: I got the “International” size which is slighter bigger - but not thicker - and I am VERY glad I did. The cash and cards fit perfectly and I can adjust them a bit when I put them in the wallet so that they are not directly on top of each other - this allows the Slimmy to seem even thinner in your pocket - if that’s possible.

In conclusion, if you want a really high quality SLIM wallet (and you don’t expect to fill this up with all the things you stuffed into your “Fat” wallet over your lifetime - then get this wallet without hesitation. I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as I am. (I am going to order another as a gift)

Thanks for the review, Charles! You can read the full review on


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