Man Up and Bolstr!

Nothing worse than a man purse, except for maybe those atrocious 50 pocket coats.

Bolsr Small Carry EDC Bag

Purses are awesome accessories, however, they belong in a woman’s realm. Women have the ability to carry them with aplomb and style. Men simply can’t pull it off with the same grace.

The idea of the purse must be vacated by men.

Men are built for bags and/or holsters, and now Bolstrs.

Holsters carry guns and canteens. Definitely masculine.

Bolsr Small Carry EDC Bag


Though usually lacking fashion, a bag’s functionality cannot be argued. They can carry anything, and men like that.

At Koyono we recognized the need to combine a holster and bag, and make it look good. It was a difficult dilemma. Bolstr had to be smaller than a laptop bag, but larger than a holster, functionally same as a purse but masculine. A delicate balance. After two years of prototyping and testing Bolstr is the result, a grab-and-go to store your everyday carry.

Why is the Bolstr perfect for men? It’s designed with masculine appeal as a minimalist cross-body shoulder bag, like a holster.

The minimalist asymmetrical design allows the Bolstr to carry a mini tablet, smart phone, keys, sunglasses, and a wallet and a couple more EDC items based on the rule of 7. Yes, we did design for irritation, so you can discover your minimalist pearl.

Bolsr Small Carry EDC Bag Info Graphic


Constructed from heavy duty, urethane coated 1680D ballistic nylon, nothing screams manly in fashion more than ‘ballistic nylon’. The nylon webbing is military grade with a high tensile strength of 1500 lbs, sourced in the USA.

Sleek and powerful, Bolstr is built for men.

The closest a man should come to a purse is with a woman who’s carrying one without his stuff in it. 

Bolsr Small Carry EDC Bag

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