Overstuffed Pocket Problem: Legit Man Bags Are Rare

Legit man bags are far and few between and the reason why men overstuff their pockets. I could not find a bag that did not look like a man purse, and I do not like strapping a sack to my waist or chest. None were the right size for everyday carry or featured strategic pocketing. I wanted a smart, minimal, crossbody man bag. Frustrated, I started bolstr®.

bolstr minimal EDC bags

  • Award-winning design
  • Perfectly sized and minimal
  • Rides like a holster
  • Strategic Pocketing
  • Military-grade

Clean your Carry - bolstr®

Video Edit by Grace Favarro

Video Edit by Grace Horvath

Featured in the video:

Small Carry 3.0 Minimal EDC Man Bag
AUX Pocket 2.0  Small Crossbody Man Bag


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