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Article: Shirt Up For Summer

Shirt Up For Summer




Bend the rules of formal/business dress!  Just in, the new Fumoola luxury dress shirts for summer bend the rules of formal/business dress.  Avid minimalists still have a penchant for luxury and we get it; if you do not need long sleeves, why have have them at all?  We love short sleeve shirts and wondered why more are not available in a dressier, luxury variety that can be worn for casual or business.  Most short sleeve dress shirts on the market sport a plain old button down collar and boxy circa 1999 look straight out of Office Space. The Fumoola Broadcloth and Queens Oxford short sleeve shirts feature a dressy spread collar and a trim, modern look. Like all Fumoola shirts, the subtile under-collar and front-placket color contrast sets them apart, while black Illuminate reflective patches provide extra visibility and security on your bike or in traffic.  Not to worry, for all those dress shirt purists, we added a long sleeve Fumoola Broadcloth version.  

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