Bolstr Elements Series Launches as Bag Alternatives for Men’s Overstuffed Pocket

Bolstr Elements Series Launches as Bag Alternatives for Men’s Overstuffed Pockets

Three piece pocket and bag and accessory series bridges new ground for men, just in time for post COVID reopenings

(July 27 2021, Cleveland, Ohio) - Today, bolstr® is hoping to make carrying daily essentials easier with its new line of men’s minimal bags and accessories designed for travel, outdoor exploration, and everyday life, now available on Kickstarter.

The world is opening up. And as we start stepping out of our at-home comfort zone, having daily essentials with us at all times is ever more important. For guys, this often means overstuffed pockets full of wallet, keys, phone, mask, etc.

“No matter where you are, if you stop and take a look around, you will see a significant number of men overstuffing their front pockets. It looks ridiculous. Most will admit it is a problem, and they would rather not haul all their stuff this way, but solid small bag alternatives are few and far between. We aim to change that,” said Jay Yoo, Founder of Bolstr.

Introducing Bolstr Elements, a 3 piece bag and accessory series :

  • AUX Pocket: Smaller than a sling pack, larger than a wallet, AUX is that extra pocket designed for daily essentials, but not much more. Five pockets for a smartphone, Airpods, credit cards, passport, and wallet. Elastic bands for charging cables and a pen.
  • MINI Pocket (New): Similar to the AUX, but a mini version. Four pockets for credit cards, Airpods, charging cables and more.
  • Small Carry: An updated version (3.0) of Bolstr’s original EDC bag that cracked the code of overcoming the “man purse” stigma. It’s smaller than a laptop bag, but larger than a holster. Five pockets for sunglasses, smart phone, airpods, wallet, passport, small tablet, but not much more.

“We’ve worked hard on the design of these products and look forward to seeing the reaction of Kickstarter’s community of forward thinking early adopters. We’re pleased to offer early bird pricing of $29 a discount of 40% off the MSRP for the Mini with further discounts for the AUX and Small Carry.” continued Yoo.

MINI and AUX can be worn as crossbody, detached for in-hand carry, clipped on a belt loop/keychain, or stored inside the Small Carry for organization. 

Bolstr’s first product, the Small Carry, launched in 2014. Since, Bolstr has been dedicated to creating products that are asymmetrically designed for aesthetics and identity. All products are made in the USA from military grade materials. See media kit for images.

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