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Article: Test The New BlackCoat Made for iPod jackets debut at 2006 VH1 Rock Honors

Test The New BlackCoat Made for iPod jackets debut at 2006 VH1 Rock Honors

CLEVELAND, OH - May 16, 2006 - Koyono Co. announces today that VH1 will give the host, performers, and presenters who appear at the VH1 Rock Honors one of the new BlackCoat Made for iPod jackets as a thank you gift. The jackets all come form KOYONO’s new Spring/Summer 2006 line and include special pocketing for gadgets, including an iPod®, as well as ElekTex® fabric control pads that can fully manipulate all the functions of the iPod.

The event will be taped in at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on May 25th, 2006and will air on VH1 May 31st and features tributes to Kiss, Queen, Def Leppard and Judas Priest, who will also perform with Foo Fighters, Godsmack and All-American Rejects. The event will benefit VH1 Save The Music.

Koyono has presented performers with new designs at VH1 and MTV events before and received rave reviews from many of the guests, including Mike D (The Beastie Boys), Ice-T, Shawn Wayans, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Burt Reynolds, and many others. Public Enemy recently purchased Koyono outerwear for the entire band.

Koyono founder, Jay Yoo offers, “It has been a pleasure working with VH1 and getting to know these artists. We have met some of our best friends and consistent customers through these events. The fact that the event benefits Save The Music has made us very excited to participate.”

The VH1 Save the Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music education in America’s public schools and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education.

The newest additions to the successful BlackCoat line of outerwear will inspire men to more seamlessly balance work, travel and entertainment with maximum ease, style and comfort. Theses new outerwear forms, named Work, Sport, and Surf carry the Made for iPod label. Along with the catwalk-ready forms and high-performance materials, they each include ElekTex®, a smart fabric technology that has been integrated into the lapels as iPod control pads. This allows the wearer to leave an iPod tucked away safely inside a specially-designed pocket but still have full control over all aspects of the iPod, including volume, track changes, and even the power switch. Each of the four new jackets includes advanced water protection and pocketing for commuting or travel.

Koyono President, Jay Yoo adds, “Adding the ElekTex controls to this line creates what I call Wah-Wah Fashion. Just like Jimi Hendrix used the Wah-Wah pedal to finesse his tone, you can use the controls to finesse your environment. Every situation can now have the perfect soundtrack.”

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Koyono is a purveyor of apparel and accessories that balance style, performance, and utility, making life on-the-go stylish easy and fun. Koyono markets products through on-line stores at and as well as retailers worldwide. Koyono has operations in Ohio, Michigan, Washington and North Carolina and was founded in 2001.

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