OG 3-Pocket Wallet (76mm) - Skull by Terry Urban

$ 55

Black Canvas: Limited Edition

Skull in Peace Terry Urban Slimmy Original 3-Pocket Wallet: The first uses his signature skull with peace symbols as eyeballs. A reminder to seek peace now, while we are alive.

  • OG All Black Colorway
  • Original art by Terry Urban
  • Open 3-Pocket Design
  • Minimalist Everyday Carry
  • Sized for the US banks notes

Capacity: 10 Money Cards/ID, 15 Bills, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards

Dimensions: 3.98 (101mm) x 2.99 (76mm) x 0.276" (8mm)

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Slimmy OG 3-Pocket Minimalist Wallet

Circa 2003, Slimmy OG launched as a slim wallet alternative. It was at a time before the dawn of the smart phone and the digitization of many things you would otherwise carry in your wallet. We saw no reason to offer any other wallet than a slim one and could not understand why anyone would want to carry anything else in their front pocket.

Slimmy OG is a straight forward minimalist wallet made for fast access and comfortable front pocket carry. A trusted classic.

Slimmy OG 3-Pocket Minimalist Wallet


  • Open 3-pocket design
  • Fold US bank notes in half
  • Fold International bank notes in thirds
  • Full-grain US steer hide 
  • Skived finish on seams
  • RFID Protection on the Slimmy® logo side
  • Made in Dominican Republic

Slimmy OG 3-Pocket Minimalist Wallet Details


Slimmy OG 3-Pocket Minimalist Wallet Details

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