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Black Canvas by bolstr®

Black Canvas by bolstr®

bolstr® is pleased to announce something dear to our hearts - Black Canvas.

We love art. As an expression of our humanity and the world around us, it gives us clarity in ways that we cannot always find through words and numbers alone. Art begs questions, gives us hope, makes us think and pleases the senses. At a collective level, it deepens culture and enriches society.

We think art is vitally important to the human experience and would like to share a little through what we do. “Black Canvas” engages emerging artists on limited edition collaborative works that can be held as collectables or used as desired.

Profits are split 60/40 with artists, and all works are limited (as determined by the artist). Black Canvas most likely will not make artists rich anytime soon, but it’s our small way of showing appreciation for the work they do. Importantly, it’s also a way for art enthusiasts to buy into art at a fraction of the cost of original works that someday could become valuable collectables.

Our first collaboration will launch this week. Stay tuned for more in the coming days and help us get the word out.

Thank you,

bolstr® - Jay