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Fashion Apparel and Accessories

Growing up as the son of a Korean immigrant, fashion has always been central to my life. Like many Korean families who came to America, I grew up in the dry cleaning business. As my father's business was in an affluent town (Hudson, Ohio), I was exposed to the best in clothing.

While I was on the road pushing BlackCoat for Travel and Slimmy OG Slim Wallets to traditional retail, I also came across several apparel and accessories items that I loved. As it turned out there were a lot of other minimal enthusiasts who felt the same way... Below is a list of fashion apparel and accessory brands I launched:

  • Branie Mechanical Belts 
  • Koyono Travel Appreal
  • Phosphor Watches
  • Rainbow Sandals
  • Tricot St. Rafael Steve Jobs Crew and Mock Tees
  • Takumi Dress Shorts

Fly Pants by Jay Yoo