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Fumoola Dress Shirts

Fumoola™ \'foomoolah\ abbr Money made from skill and luck.

Fu \'foo\ abbr  [Chinese] MasterBlessings, Effort

Fu \'foo\ abbr [Hacker Culture] Skill, Adeptness

Moola \'mulah\ abbr [American Slang] Cash, Cashola, Money

In Chinese, "Fu" means man or laborer.  Another meaning of "Fu" in Chinese is blessing or effort. Interestingly, people in Hacker Culture use "Fu" as a suffix to refer to skill or expertise.  For example, one who is adept at scripting is said to be a master of "script-fu."

This line of luxury dress shirt with modern accouterments was a lot of fun. They were made by Gitman Brothers. But it was the name that I enjoyed the most...

When you combine "Fu" with "Moola" the intended meaning is hard earned money from skill and adeptness. Fumoola is extra (FU) money you made that allows you to afford the finer things in life. It's more or less coincidental that Fumoola can also be interpreted as a certain kind of money that you need to earn to do your own thing, it needs no explanation for those of you running your own gig.