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Slimmy R1S1 Ultra Minimalist Wallet Details

Slimmy R1S1 Ultra-Compact Slim RFID Wallet - Minimalist Carry

The R1S1 is the smallest format Slimmy, tailored to 68mm for maximum compactness. Excess layers of leather eliminated (4mm thin). The center pocket provides fast access to cash and cards. Side slots accommodate less used cards and create tension to keep things tight.

R1S1’s 1-Pocket, 2-Slot patented design features a folded edge for durability and rounded corners for a sleek profile. A straightforward, premium minimalist leather wallet built to last.


  • 1-Pocket, 2-Slot design
  • Fits credit cards and ID perfectly
  • Rounded corners
  • Fold bank notes in thirds
  • RFID Protection and access
  • Made in Dominican Republic
  • Patented: D 702,938


Slimmy R1S1 Ultra Compact Wallet Details - Minimalist EDC


Slimmy R1S1 Ultra-Compac Slim RFID Wallet Details - Minimalist Carry


Slimmy R1S1 Ultra Compact Slim RFID Wallet Details - Minimalist Carry