Slimmy OG WW X International 1-Pocket Wallet (79mm)

$ 90

The uber compact patented design of the X wwSlimmy international wallet eliminates extra layers of leather found in traditional wallets, without compromising functionality. At just 0.190" (8mm) in thickness, X wwSlimmy is as slim as it gets when it comes to a quality leather wallet, and will expand to accommodate your most essential everyday items. Similar to the X Slimmy, X ww eliminates everything that makes traditional wallets a waste of space, and is slightly taller to accommodate larger bank notes. There is an open pouch in the center of the wallet for easy and fast access to cash and the cards that you use most frequently. Turn your folded cash inward to create a pouch for your cards (functionally use the contents of your wallet and save space!). For cards that you use less often, conveniently store them in the slots on either side slop and keep them out of the way. Business crds stay crisp and a tension effect is created that grips the contents located in the center of the wallet. X wwSlimmy features built-in RFID shielding to reduce the likelihood of identity theft by blocking unauthorized scans (NOTE: This Slimmy wallet does not offer RFID access.). Finally, a slim international wallet that is flat and compact enough to comfortably stow in your front pocket - X wwSlimmy.

  • Unstitched, ultra thin, open pocket design.
  • Secret side slots, for IDs and credit cards create tension to help hold stuff in place.
  • RFID protection built in.
  • Fast access to international bank notes and credit cards.
  • Holds 15 Bills, 8 Plastic Cards, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards.*
  • "More" size to accommodate larger size bank notes.
  • Made from premium full grain USA steer hide.
  • Available in Oil Tanned leather.
  • Patented: D 702,938 S1
  • Dimensions: 4.125" (105mm) x 3.125 (79) x 0.190 (4.83)
  • NOTE: 100, 200 and 500 Euro bills will not fit perfectly. Other Euro banknotes okay. Do not over stuff the side slots. Two plastic card card limit.

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