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Article: Lightest Overcoat on Earth makes travel easy: The New BlackCoat AirGo

Lightest Overcoat on Earth makes travel easy: The New BlackCoat AirGo

CLEVELAND, OH - October 20, 2004 – Koyono announces the public release of the new BlackCoat AirGo™ overcoat, featuring 8 specially designed security pockets, the newest in fabric and materials technology, and styling described as industrial elegance.

The AirGo is a lighter version of Koyono’s first product, introduced in February 2003, now called BlackCoat™ Classic and uses the same pocketing system designed to help travelers and mobile professionals transport electronic devices, passports, and other important items safely and securely.

AirGo is crafted in the USA using materials and features found in sports outerwear, but in a form, fit and finish more accustomed to the catwalk than the wilderness. AirGo incorporates a sturdy, ultra-light, breathable lining with a shell composed of the newest fabric technology by Nextec®. This combination offers the best available protection from wind and rain, with enhanced breathability and a finish that remains crisp even after being folded and stored. The raincoat weighs less than 2 lbs. (900g) and folds easily into a package the size of a magazine, it can be kept close-at-hand all the time. The AirGo retails for $249 USD.

Jeasung Yoo, Koyono’s lead designer, offers: “Travel can be a real headache. With all of the stop and go, taking shoes and coats off in line at security check points in airports, etc., I finally have a coat that makes it all easy. It has just the right number of pockets, in the right sizes, and all inner pockets are zippered for security. I can just lay it on the x-ray machine and not worry about anything falling out. Another real bonus is that the coat folds up into practically nothing! When I don't need it, it tucks away like a magazine. This coat is going to get a lot of mileage.”

The BlackCoat AirGo was introduced to retailers at the fashion industry trade show MAGIC in Las Vegas in February 2004 and was offered, by VH1, as a gift to the participants in the Hip Hop Honors on October 4th, 2004. The Koyono BlackCoat™ Classic has been available since February 2003 and offers many of the features that the AirGo has but with the addition of a removable Polartec® vest liner, some additional pockets, and a heavier shell. The Classic retails for $375 USD.

Koyono is a purveyor of apparel and accessories with industrial elegance for geniuses, artists and innovators (G.A.I.) with urban lifestyles. Koyono markets products through retail stores in Europe, Japan, and across the United States and through on-line stores at and Koyono was founded in 2001 and has offices in Cleveland, OH and Durham, NC as well as operations in Pennsylvania, Washington State and Michigan.

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