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Article: Slimmy R1SO: Defiance and Deference

Slimmy R1SO: Defiance and Deference

Slimmy R1SO: Defiance and Deference

We took to the streets of LA for a Slimmy® style shoot with our friend Tyler Lofton, who showed us the mark of defiance and deference to style. 

It’s a vibe in lock step with how we feel about wallets, mostly renditions of outdated designs. Or minimalist wallet actors dressed in uncomfortable, full-metal pocket armory. 

Most men are influenced by their peers and carry whatever wallets their friends have. 

Classics start as innovations that go on to stand the test of time. Slimmy is the OG minimalist slim wallet made for the rest of us. It was and continues to be a different approach for discerning essentialists wise to what they don’t want and honor their inner calling versus following others.

Slimmy® R1SO Wallet Details:

  • Open-access design.
  • RFID blocking and access in one
  • Elimination of folded leather (bulk)
  • Clever compartments with give that is just right
  • Compact for front pocket carry
  • Timeless style

Made from premium USA steer hide by a 5th generation leather maker that has been in business for over 100 years.

Slimmy® - Classics never die. Location: American Cement Building, Los Angeles

Camera Work: Monti Yoo
Video Edit: Thomas Fokerts
Model: Tyler Lofton

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