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Article: Slimmy Redux Wallet

Slimmy Redux Wallet


submitted by Adam Molina

Nobody likes sitting on a bulky wallet. Even the slimmest of wallets can end up crammed with stuff over time, making you wonder why you even bought one in the first place. The Slimmy Redux wallet improves upon its predecessor with the goal of saving your pockets from bulk by minimizing the excess space (like coin sleeves) found in other wallets. It’s minimally constructed from steer hide to accommodate only the bare essentials like a few choice cards and bills. Depending on how many items in your wallet you deem essential, you can choose from four different options. True minimalists out there can also opt for the Slimmy band, a folding leather strap that organizes your cards and cash. Lastly, this refresh of the Slimmy brings 2-way RFID protection and access to the table. If you hate having too much in your pockets, check out the Slimmy on Kickstarter at the link below for more details.

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via EDC is Everyday Carry

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