We are super excited to hear from customers about how they are...

We are super excited to hear from customers about how they are using their bolstr Small Carry bags. Overall, the feedback has been very positive!

From international travel and hiking to motorcycling and general everyday carry, people are uncluttering and getting to the basics of what they really need to tote  at any given time.

One of the most unexpected uses of the bolstr that we have come across is fly fishing! But it actually makes complete sense. When escaping from the hustle and bustle of the crazy times we live in. Why bog yourself down with more than you need? These awesome pictures come from Christina Assante who is an avid fly fisherwoman from Idaho.

I used my bolstr yesterday in a heavily willowed area, and it proved invaluable.  The bag did not swing from my body so it never got caught while climbing through the willows to a new fishing spot - excellent!  My favorite and newly designed fly box (original size) fit perfectly in the front velcro pocket (I will try their new day pack size next week).  I was able to fit as much as I needed for hiking around for hours fishing.  

You can see more of her stunning pictures of wondrous outdoor living in Idaho on Instagram. Certainly makes we want to visit!

Please send us (edc [at] koyono [dot] com) your bolstr EDC pictures and be sure to tag us on Instragram: @koyono #bolstrbag

Jay Yoo


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