bolstr® reaches Kickstarter goal six consecutive times.

bolstr AUX Sling Minimalist EDC Bag

Award-winning designer defining new small bag category for men.    

“We do not need to plaster our logo all over our products for people to know they are bolstr. Subtle and signature features make our products both common and uncommon...” - Jay Yoo

(December 6, 2022, Cleveland, Ohio) - Today, bolstr announced it reached its AUX Sling Kickstarter goal for the sixth consecutive time.

“We are grateful for the Kickstarter community helping us reach our goal in one week! It’s a unique platform that allows product designers like us to launch new ideas and improve them. We could not be more thankful for their valuable input and generous support and look forward to continuing to innovate,” explains Jay Yoo, bolstr designer, and founder.

bolstr focuses on filling a void in the bag market for men with small designs for everyday carry. With a sixth successful Kickstarter, bolstr is proving the need for a new category of bags.

“No maker is dedicated to the size bags we make for men. Original designs with style and utility that are not overdone or look like a man purse are rare. Moreover, designs mostly look the same. Otherwise, men would not be overstuffing their pockets,” says Yoo.

bolstr’s AUX Sling Kickstarter focuses not only on what men carry but also on how they carry. It is designed for daily essentials (i.e., phone wallet, keys, AirPods, pocket tool, charging cables, keys) but can be carried three different ways - as a sling, bag, or clutch.

“Men may want or need to carry a bag differently depending on what they are doing. Whether going to the office, out on the town, biking, or the beach, they might want to wear a cross-body bag close to the body as a sling or hold it clutch style for easy grab-and-go. The daily essentials don’t change, and neither should their bag. Everything in one place at all times,” comments Yoo.

AUX Sling is based on an award winning-design, updated with new strap configurations. It is minimal in form and made from military-grade materials with small accouterments that set it apart from other designs on the market.

“We do not need to plaster our logo all over our products for people to know they are bolstr. Subtle and signature features make our products both common and uncommon. In other words, useful and unique. It’s a process of getting to the essence of something, and not easy. We are excited to demonstrate the need to build a new product category with proven design efficacy,” says Yoo.

bolstr won the IDA Award for Fashion/Accessory and continues to focus on small everyday carry bags and accessories that uniquely combine style and utility.

“We have some exciting things in the pipeline. Those who had a sneak peek are like, “launch it now!” It’s exciting to get that reaction, and even more exciting to know we are on to something. Stay tuned,” comments Yoo.

AUX Sling can be purchased on Kickstarter.


Contact: Addie Farrell | | 216-223-8129

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About bolstr:

bolstr is an award-winning bag maker dedicated to minimalist bag designs for men. The company won the prestigious 2021 IDA international design award for Fashion/Accessory. In 2014 bolstr launched its flagship Small Carry design Kickstarter to worldwide acclaim.

bolstr is based in Cleveland, OH.

bolstr AUX Sling Minimalist EDC Bag