bolstr® Redefines Man Bag By Making It “Adaptive.”

bolstr AUX Sling

The award-winning AUX Pocket design expanded for popular sling-style carry.

"We are excited to offer a small sling-style carry men can have on them at all times and tested AUX Pocket with a launch in May. It sold out in 48 hours, so we think we are on to something with this size bag.” - Jay Yoo

(November 23, 2022, Cleveland, Ohio) - Today, bolstr announced a key upgrade to its award-winning bag design with the introduction of AUX Sling.

“It’s the same award-winning minimalist pouch, easily adaptable for sling-style carry, which more men prefer. The bag market offers limited options in the small bag segment for men, resulting in a modern dilemma of overstuffed pockets. Size of the bag is one thing, but how you carry it is another. This is a game changer by giving men more bags in one without overthinking it. Options are good.” explains bolstr founder Jay Yoo.

Updated with a tension hook loop allows the AUX Pocket to be worn closer to the body for fast access and security. The main pouch design is unchanged, with dedicated pocketing for everyday essentials only.

“It’s inconvenient to carry things like a smartphone, cards, ID, wallet, passport, small notepad, AirPods, charging cables or a multi-tool in a larger bag like a backpack or messenger bag, so they end up in pant pockets. Most men we surveyed are unhappy with this arrangement,” says Yoo.

AUX Sling fits between a wallet and a larger sling bag, complimenting any backpack, messenger bag, or tote. The asymmetrically designed pouch is slim and can be comfortably worn under a jacket for discreet carry. Three straps (Sling, Single-Point, Clutch) allow the main AUX Pouch to be carried in various ways. It is three bags in one. 

"By allowing men to carry the same pouch in different ways depending on what they are doing, men can make AUX a hub for their daily essentials versus their pockets," says Yoo.

bolstr's survey of over 200 men revealed that nearly 80% carry their phones in their pant pockets, and 65% stuff them with additional everyday essentials. Only 20% were delighted with their everyday carry, and less than 15% carry a man bag.

"We are excited to offer a sling-style carry men can have on them at all times and tested AUX Pocket with a test launch in May. It sold out in 48 hours, so we think we are on to something with this size bag. AUX Sling’s slim profile makes for a comfortable and convenient everyday companion. You won’t want to go anywhere without it," explains Yoo.

bolstr AUX Sling comes in flagship “Stealth” and a new “Defiant Olive.” The new colorway explores the balance between military structure and innovator rule-breaking. Donned in Ranger Green 1000 denier Cordura® as a base layer, subtle hits of vibrant yellow add pop to the line, giving it attitude and the attention it deserves. 

AUX Sling will go live on Kickstarter at 9AM EDT on 11/25/2022. 

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bolstr is an award-winning bag maker dedicated to minimalist bag designs for men. The company won the prestigious 2021 IDA international design award for Fashion/Accessory. In 2014 bolstr launched its flagship Small Carry design Kickstarter to worldwide acclaim.

bolstr is based in Cleveland, OH.

bolstr AUX Sling