T1SO 1-Pocket 2-Slot Wallet (78mm) - Defiant Olive

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Super Wallet (3mm Slim)

T1SO Defiant Olive explores the balance between military structure and innovator rule-breaking.

Donned in Ranger Green 1000 denier Cordura® as a base layer, subtle hits of vibrant yellow add pop to the line, giving it attitude and the attention it deserves. Camo and tonal military standards are required to blend in with the environment and elude the enemy.

A technical minimalist wallet employing military-grade materials and a proprietary bonding process, T1SO is built to last.

  • Black and red Cordura®
  • Patented 1-Pocket 2-Slot Design
  • Made for front pocket carry.
  • Minimalist Everyday Carry
  • Sized for the US banks notes
  • Made in USA

Capacity: 7 Cards, 10 Bills + Receipts and Business Cards. Hold more if needed. Purge daily.

Dimensions: 3.98 (101mm) x 3.07 (78mm) x .120” (3mm)

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 Slimmy T1SO Minimalist Technical Wallet Details

Slimmy® T1SO embodies sophistication, precision and modern life. Made from military grade Cordura® nylon this slim wallet alternative boasts durability for the hustle and bustle of a digital age. It employs a proprietary process bonding the liner and shell into one, thereby reducing sewn seams for an ever more sleek profile (3mm thinness).

T1SO takes a slightly different approach to our 1-Pocket, 2-Slot patented design with folded sides for durability and pocket hold. This feature uniquely creates more pinching tension keeping the wallet contents in place without compromising fast access.


  • 1-Pocket, 2-Slot Design
  • Rounded corners
  • Fold US bank notes in half
  • Fold International bank notes in thirds
  • Military grade materials
  • Proprietary bonding process
  • Full RFID Protection
  • Made in USA


Slimmy T1SO Minimalist Technical Wallet Materials


T1SO 1-Pocket 2-Slot Wallet (78mm)


Slimmy T1SO Minimalist Technical Wallet Specs

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