bolstr Elements Black Dyneema Edit

bolstr Elements Black Dyneema Edit

In one of our favorite shoots, we went in-depth on bolstr Elements (Small Carry 3.0, AUX Pocket 2.0 and MINI Pocket 1.0) in Black Dyneema. The shoot took place on an impressive metal sculpture at Edgewater Park, Cleveland, OH, with an illusionary effect appearing to balance at a single point - a perfect "future world" perspective that is Black Dyneema. 

Perfect lighting prevailed allowing us to highlight key utilitarian features of each product, with beautiful cloud structures and blue skies accentuating the theme of the shoot. 

Black Dyneema is made for space and used to tether satellites together. Pound for pound, it is stronger than steel, highly water and UV resistant. And we especially like the way it looks with its slight metallic sheen. 

There is nothing else on the market like bolstr Elements in Black Dyneema.

Gear made for what you would otherwise stuff in your pockets - bolstr that. Carry well.

Take me to your leader - bolstr

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