MINI Moto: A minimal pocket carry for a variety of things and situations.

In this digital age of constant flow,
We've lost touch with what we know.
Living in a reflection not our own,
A stranger's thoughts we've come to own.

Connected always, yet so alone,
Chasing progress on a never-ending tone.
Humanity's signals lost in the fray,
A new kind of rat race, each day.

Do we gain or lose with every scroll?
Do we know ourselves or play a role?
Do we feel alone in our devices?
Where are we headed, with all of our vices?

Let's go back to the future with heads held high,
Observe our surroundings, hear nature's sigh.
Goodbye nostalgia, a simpler now is here,
Don't just do something; sit there.

Shift your carry - bolstr® 

MINI Moto: Extra, more and less.

Cargo: Extra discreet and discrete.
Gang: Temporary more.
Solo: Less is more.

Videography: Monti Yoo @monti.yoo
Video Editing: Thomas Folkerts @1ron1cnot

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