bolstr AUX Pocket 2.0 - X-DYM (Dyneema)

$ 125

X-DYM is a special edition bolstr AUX Pocket 2.0 made in collaboration with Xhibition. Incorporating the popular "Cuben Fiber" (AKA Dyneema) this everyday carry bag is for fashion as much as it is utility. This fiber is stronger than steel to boot.

  • Developed for high performance
  • Ultra light and abrasion resistant
  • 15 x stronger than steel
  • Resistance to moisture and UV

Updated pocketing and more capacity compared to bolstr AUX Pocket 1.0.

Carry what you need: Four (4) pockets for Smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, Air Pods, charging cables, but not much more.

Dimensions (Max): L 8" (203mm) x W 1 (25mm) x H 4.5" (114mm)

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Smaller than a sling pack. Larger than a wallet. 

bolstr AUX Pocket 2.0 Details

An innovation in minimal carry, AUX Pocket 2.0 (AKA Utility Pocket) is a breakthrough future-classic in design. There is nothing else like it on the market. It is that extra pocket for everyday essentials that can be uniquely worn, carried, or stored for fast access and security.

Updated with:

• 10% more capacity (fits all smartphones and a kindle )
• Zip passport and wallet pocket
• Smaller elastic bands for cables
• Pen slot

Whether worn, carried, or stored - keep everything in one spot at all times.


bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Carry

bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Style


bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Materials


bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Details

bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Details

bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Strap Sunglass Keeper


Minimal asymmetrical design
10% More capacity than AUX 1.0
Fast access smartphone pocket
Single point crossbody carry
Internal zip pocket for passport and wallet
Compressions bands for cables and pen
Lip pockets for credit cards, Airpods, charging cables
Military grade hardware and materlals
1680D Ballistic nylon (Black) and Cordura (Colors)
Small hit of 3M reflective tape

Strap sunglass keeper
Made in USA


Bolstr AUX Pocket 2.0 Details Specs


A Minimal Carry Obsession:
Smartphones, keys and wallets are the bare essentials on our person everyday, if not all day. But we might also have to carry sunglasses, Airpods, charging cables/block, an external battery, notepad, pens or pocket knife, etc. Eventually our everyday carry ends up being an in-hand burden, in overstuffed pockets or buried somewhere in a bag.
Bolstr xyz is Minimal EDC. Pocket Research.
bolstr is obsessed with carry options that are perfectly sized and minimal. Utilitarianism via the use of the bags and accessories we design is more than a high ideal; we believe it should be an everyday experience. It is not enough to make a bag that just looks good, or one that simply has a lot of functionality. Whatever we design has to make both style and utility sense.

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