AUX™ Pocket - White Dyneema

$ 125

X-DYM is a special edition bolstr AUX Pocket 2.0 made in collaboration with Xhibition. Incorporating the popular "Cuben Fiber" (AKA Dyneema) this small crossbody bag is for fashion as much as it is utility. This fiber is stronger than steel to boot.

  • Award Winning Design
  • White Dyneema
  • Developed for high performance
  • Ultra light and abrasion resistant
  • 20% lighter than Ballistic nylon
  • 15 x stronger than steel
  • Resistance to moisture and UV
  • Minimalist Everyday Carry
  • Made in USA

Updated pocketing and more capacity compared to bolstr AUX Pocket 1.0.

Carry what you need: Four (4) pockets for Smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, Air Pods, charging cables, but not much more.

Dimensions (Max): L 8.75” (222mm) x W 1 (25mm) x H 5.0” (127mm)

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bolstr AUX Pocket 2.0 Details

Smaller than a sling pack. Larger than a wallet. 

An innovation in minimal carry, AUX Pocket 2.0 (AKA Utility Pocket) is a breakthrough future-classic in design. There is nothing else like it on the market. It is that extra pocket for everyday essentials that can be uniquely worn, carried, or stored for fast access and security.

Whether worn, carried, or stored - keep everything in one spot at all times.


  • Minimal asymmetrical EDC pouch design
  • 0.7 liter capacity
  • Smartphone pocket pocket* 
  • Single point crossbody strap
  • Internal zip pocket for passport and wallet
  • Compression bands for cables, multitool, pen and more
  • Lip pockets for credit cards, AirPods, charging cables
  • Military-grade hardware and materials
  • Tiny hit of 3M reflective tape
  • Strap sunglass keeper
  • Made in USA

*AUX may not be suitable for phones with bulky cases. Small Carry is made for these items. 


bolstr AUX Pocket Specs


Winner of the 2021 International Design Award for Fashion Accessories


bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Carry

bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Style


bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Materials


bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Details

bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Details

bolstr 2.0 AUX Pocket Strap Sunglass Keeper

Overstuffed pockets are a problem facing most men.

If you stop and look around, you will see a lot of men overstuffing their front pockets. It looks ridiculous. Most will admit it is a problem, and they would rather not haul all their stuff this way, but solid small bag alternatives are few and far between.  bolstr aims to change that.

Everyday Carry

Most men are creatures of simplicity and habit, especially when it comes to everyday carry. They want their smartphone, wallet, keys, Airpods, and sunglasses (everyday essentials) on them at all times without the need for a larger bag or backpack to carry them.

Fat Pocket Wear

While clothing pockets seem like a friendly companion for everyday carry, most end up getting overstuffed, which wears on clothing, inhibits access, results in things getting misplaced, and does not look good.

Clean your carry™ - bolstr®

bolstr Elements: A new way to carry


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