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Slimmy Leathers


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Elegantly crafted by a 4th generation, family owned leather manufacturer, Slimmy® wallets are constructed of highest quality and craftsmanship in the industry. Adopting leather for durability and timelessness, Slimmy is a wallet that you can count on for years of reliable use. All Slimmy wallets are made from full grain USA heavy native steer hide that is conditioned and tanned using the following processes.

Slimmy Dressed Leathers (Black, Blue) come from USA heavy, native steer hide and tanned in the Dominican Republic using aniline dyes. Top Grain leather is full grain leather that is slightly buffed on the top surface to eliminate signs of wear. Providing an incredibly soft “hand” or feel that creates a luxurious sensory experience for anyone who touches it, Top grain retains all the tough hide characteristics to look newer and last all the more longer.

Slimmy Antique Leather will take on darker tones based on how you handle and carry it.  Full grain belting cowhide is a 1.6mm thick steer hide re tanned with vegetable extracts; the color is “struck through” the hide by hours of soaking with natural aniline dyes and drum hot stuffed with oils and wax. Antique leather develops a unique patina over time and will take on its own unique character based on how you use it.

Slimmy Oil Tanned Leather (OTL) (Dark Red) represents the craft of tanning at its best. Using a unique top grain leather from Texas Steers, put through a time consuming process of tanning, stuffing, shaving and polishing, OTL is stunningly uncommon to sight. Making the process in perfecting premium OTL exclusive our manufacturer soaks each hide thoroughly in vegetable tanning agents and aniline dye, completely penetrating the hide with color. This ultimately allows the beauty of the hide's natural grain to show through. Rich, pliable and wonderful to the touch.

NOTE: the OTL is a bit more sensitive as it is not waxed. This is intentional as it allows the leather to beautifully patina Furthermore, we do extra processing to the leather post tanning to get it as thin as possible. It is during this secondary and time consuming thinning process that the leather may take on a few more marks. As we are pushing the limits of the leather, (thicker leather is more forgiving) it makes it even more susceptible to marks. 

There is always give and take with design and we would prefer an extra millimeter or two in thinness. We do look forward to making improvements.

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan is the art of tanning at its finest. Known for its distinctive color, it is also a specific leather from a horsehide. A patient 6 month process of tanning, stuffing, shaving, and then polishing. Each one is hand curried and shaved by highly skilled artisans to expose the shell. Post dyeing, each are hand-glazed to achieve its distinctive rich, glossy look and feel.

We are always looking for other leathers to use, but only use the best. We do not do cheap or cut corners when it comes to making a quality slim leather wallet.