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Slimmy Redux

Slimmy Redux

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Front Pocket EDC Reinvented

Slimmy Redux is our ongoing quest to offer only the best slim leather wallet. Staying true to our mantra of less is more, we streamlined the Slimmy making it even more compact and front pocket friendly. Updated with 2-way RFID.

Slimmy Redux is available in two sizes (68mm and 79mm) and three carry options (1, 2 and 3 pocket) depending on your front carry preference. The 68mm (S1) is compact and best for those who carry less cash and the 79mm (S2) is designed for those who want to carry more cash and larger size bank notes. Less pockets mean less layers of leather and the thinnest possible profile (X1), while more pockets offer more in wallet organization (X2, X3 and VX3).

While we only offer slim wallets, we also know minimalists deserve variety...

Slimmy Redux

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