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Slimmy Wallet Brand: The OG Slim Wallet


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Slimmy® launched in 2003 as a slim wallet alternative for individuals seeking a more minimal, uncluttered front pocket experience. At that time, the convergence of technology was still in its infancy; people did not have the luxury of digitizing information and cards on smartphone apps as is possible today. Even so, we felt that carrying a big wallet was not necessary as most of what filled them did not get used on a daily basis. And who needs receipts from 6 months to a year ago?

Slimmy is a break from conventional billfold or trifold varieties; they all end up overstuffed and front pocket unfriendly. That's why we do not offer them. In addition, traditional wallets have layers upon layers of leather that make a wallet thick when folded. There was no reason for a fat wallet then, and even less reason to schlepp one around now.

Slimmy’s unique open pocket design features an unstitched side that eliminates the need for folds, providing the most compact way to store and easily access items. Slimmy contours around your currency, credit cards, driver's license, business cards and receipts for maximum svelteness. A true no-fold, minimalist wallet that fits perfectly in your front pocket. 

All Slimmy wallets are made from the finest heavy native USA steer hide at a family-owned factory that has been in the specialty leather business since 1917. And Slimmy is the first wallet to offer 2-way RFID  protection and access in one. Decisively minimal and made for men who demand simplicity without compromise.

There are two families of Slimmy Wallets: Slimmy Legacy and Redux. Legacy refers to our original line of Slimmy wallets with a thinly skived and folded leather edge. Redux is the new streamlined version with rounded corners, a clean cut edge and proprietary rubberized dye treatment. Both families of Slimmy wallets are available with either a 3-pocket or 1-pocket (2-slot) carry option and in different four sizes (Smallest, Original, Less and More) depending on your cash preference (eg. US vs. International).

We also offer something for men who dislike wallets but want RFID protection and a little style for their front pocket carry: Band Slimmy. Click here for more. 

There are a lot of slim wallets on the market and we know you have a choice. What makes us truly different is that we think of the Slimmy as a being more than a soulless product with fluff marketing. It's a philosophy backed by people with a true spirit of living life outside of the conventional confines of consumerism and mere existence.

Sounds heavy but it's actually meant to be the complete opposite. Unclutter your pocket and clear your mind. You would be surprised at how a little product like Slimmy can have such an impact.

Read the Slim Wallet Manifesto for more and be sure to check out our blog for more in-depth information.

Slimmy®: The OG Slimmy Wallet