AUX™ Pocket - Stealth X-Pac RX30

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bolstr AUX Pocket, made with carbon-neutral X-Pax RX30 is an environmentally conscious, minimalist crossbody bag packed with performance and essential for daily use.

  • Wearable (Sling, Pocket, Clutch)
  • Black RX30
  • Ideal balance of weight and durability.
  • Designed with BA7ANCE™
  • Pocket Research
  • Minimalist Everyday Carry
  • Made in USA

X-Pac is a lightweight laminate technology made for extremes at sea. Designed to withstand wind, water, and sun (UV) extremes faced when sail racing, it is waterproof up to 200 PSI. RX30 contains 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Carry what you need: Four (4) pockets for a smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, Air Pods, charging cables, but not much more.

Leave your big bag behind and go with the essentials.

Dimensions (Max): L 8.75” (222mm) x W 1 (25mm) x H 5.0” (127mm)
Strap Length: 36.5” (93cm)

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bolstr AUX Sling Pouch Details

Smaller than a sling pack. Larger than a wallet. 

A versatile adaptation of award winning AUX Pocket 2.0 offering the same minimal carry in a popular sling style. Updated with a tension hook loop allows the AUX Pocket to be worn closer to the body for fast access and security. The main slim pouch design is unchanged, with dedicated pocketing for everyday essentials.

AUX Sling Pouch fits between a wallet and a larger sling bag, intended to compliment a backpack, messenger or tote bag. The asymmetrically designed pouch is slim enough to be comfortably worn over or under jackets. 

Everything in one spot at all times.


  • Minimal asymmetrical pouch design
  • 0.7 liter carrying capacity
  • Fast access smartphone pocket*
  • Sling style crossbody carry
  • Internal zip pocket for passport and wallet
  • Compressions bands for cables and pen
  • Lip pockets for credit cards, AirPods, charging cables
  • Military grade hardware and materials
  • 1680D Ballistic nylon (Black) and Cordura (Colors)
  • Small hit of 3M reflective tape
  • Strap sunglass keeper
  • Made in USA

*AUX may not be suitable for phones with bulky cases. Small Carry is made for these items. 


bolstr AUX Sling Specs


Based on the award wining AUX Pocket 2.0 design.


AUX Sling Pouch Carry Details

AUX Sling Pouch Carry Details


AUX Sling Pouch Material Details



AUX Sling Pouch Details

AUX Sling Pouch Material Details

Overstuffed pockets are a problem facing most men.

If you stop and look around, you will see a lot of men overstuffing their front pockets. It looks ridiculous. Most will admit it is a problem, and they would rather not haul all their stuff this way, but solid small bag alternatives are few and far between.  bolstr aims to change that.

Everyday Carry

Most men are creatures of simplicity and habit, especially when it comes to everyday carry. They want their smartphone, wallet, keys, Airpods, and sunglasses (everyday essentials) on them at all times without the need for a larger bag or backpack to carry them.

Fat Pocket Wear

While clothing pockets seem like a friendly companion for everyday carry, most end up getting overstuffed, which wears on clothing, inhibits access, results in things getting misplaced, and does not look good.

Clean your carry™ - bolstr®

bolstr Elements: A new way to carry


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