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AUX™ Sling - Stealth X-Pac RX30

A one-of-a-kind 3-in-1 extra pocket that can worn or hand carried.
Sale price$ 117.00 USD

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bolstr AUX Sling, made with carbon-neutral X-Pax RX30 is an environmentally conscious, minimalist sling bag packed with performance and essential for daily use.

  • Wearable (Sling, Pocket, Clutch)
  • Black X-Pac RX30
  • Ideal balance of weight and durability.
  • Designed with BA7ANCE™
  • Pocket Research
  • Minimalist Everyday Carry
  • Made in USA
  • NOTE: No Pen Slot Available for RX30.

X-Pac is a lightweight laminate technology made for extremes at sea. Designed to withstand wind, water, and sun (UV) extremes faced when sail racing, it is waterproof up to 200 PSI. RX30 contains 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Carry what you need: Four (4) pockets for a smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, Air Pods, charging cables, but not much more.

Leave your big bag behind and go with the essentials.

Dimensions (Max): L 8.75” (222mm) x W 1.5" (38mm) x H 5.0” (127mm)
Strap Length: 36.5” (93cm)

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AUX™ Sling - Stealth X-Pac RX30 Bag bolstr
AUX™ Sling - Stealth X-Pac RX30 Sale price$ 117.00 USD